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We Support Local Artisans, and aim to Elevate Bali's Handicrafts

We take pride in promoting income and work opportunities for Balinese artisans, preserving their centuries-old craftsmanship. Each tray is meticulously woven around a sturdy aluminium frame, using Viro ® rattan – an architectural synthetic material that's not just 100% recyclable but also durable and eco-friendly. Endurance Under the Sun, Grace in the Water Our trays are designed to withstand the elements.

From the Island of the Gods to Your Poolside

The Viro® fibers used in our creations are fully waterproof and resistant to the sun's relentless rays. They gracefully endure swimming pool chemicals like chlorine and even the harshest weather conditions, guaranteeing that your investment won't fade away.

Elevate your pool experience with Wahoo Living Floating Pool Trays – where craftsmanship, luxury, and sustainability unite to make every moment by the water extraordinary. Dive into elegance today!

Wahoo Living

Wahoo Living is proud to be the world's leading manufacturer of floating pool trays. With our commitment to Bali's artisans and our dedication to creating high-quality, sustainable products, we bring a touch of paradise to your poolside oasis.