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Why Is This Product So Cool?

Our Collection of unique floating pool trays are hand woven in Indonesia, the Island of the Gods, and they exude Luxury. Made using woven VIRO® an environmentally friendly, all-weather, non-fading, non toxic, high tensile strength plastic.

Hotel - Resort - Villa?

Our trays are perfect for you!

Your guests will love being photographed with our trays.

A perfect way to market your property with all the social media posting and location tagging.

Long Lasting & Durable

Are trays are engineered to withstand swimming pool chemicals and exposure to the harsh outdoor conditions, such as rain and UV.

They will not crack, fade or go mouldy, and they are tried and tested over extended periods of time in the sunlight and water.

Easy-Peasy Cleaning

Simply hose the trays clean or use a warm soapy cloth to remove food residue.

Dry the trays on their side in the sun, then simply store for next time, or even just let them float around your pool.